September 2018: Watch your step! Where is the sign? When does the tent season end?

You may have heard or even personally experienced an unanticipated consequence of the new carpet installation. Some folks have advised us that they have tripped or stumbled at two locations near the kitchen where the hallways merge with the Gathering Area. Since construction of these areas of our facility, there has been a minor elevation change at these points. We are not sure why this problem has arisen now, but it may be the consequence of the new carpet in the hallway being identical to the new carpet in the Gathering Area which makes any elevation change or transition more difficult to see or anticipate. We have placed some warning signs near these locations and have put "black and yellow" warning tape on the floor at the transition. We will continue to monitor the situation. Please make yourself of aware of these locations and be cautious as you pass through.

Brian Clement advised us of a delay in the schedule to complete the installation of the refurbished sign in front of our building. He now anticipates the sign will be installed the weekend of September 8th.

This is the time of year we start thinking about taking down and storing our tent for the season. Unless a need to keep it up after Sunday, September 9th is brought to our attention, the Property Team will plan on taking it down on Thursday, September 13th, weather permitting.

Faith Formation Team volunteers have been busy this past month painting the back two classrooms in the Education Wing. These efforts are much appreciated and greatly compliment the newly installed carpet in these rooms. We will be continuing to clear these rooms of materials stored there, but not needed in these rooms.

This summer we encountered a few plumbing issues which we have addressed and will continue to address. A faucet in one of the two kitchen sinks failed and was out of service for a few days until we found and installed a repair part. As it turned out, the internal parts are not particularly robust, and the new part also failed after a short period of usage. A second replacement part appears to be hanging in there. We have purchased a new replacement faucet which we will install when a good opportunity arises (a Thursday morning with rain). We also recently found some water in the cabinet under this same location. It appears that this issue is unrelated to the faucet problem, and is likely due to a failed seal where one of the sinks joins the counter top. We have applied some temporary calking material at this location, but the sink needs to be lifted and the entire seal around the sink replaced. This should not be a major, expensive project, but it takes time. We have also recently found a problem with the toilet in the mens room in the Education Wing. The metal ring holding the toilet to the floor had corroded away rendering the hold down bolts ineffective. This is an unusual and difficult installation because of its attachment at a concrete floor. We have completed a repair and the toilet is properly sealed at the floor. An energetic user may still sense some movement of the unit, but it is still sealed. Be gentle, guys! Given that we have other similar installations of similar age in the building, the Property Team is waiting for the next shoe to drop! Oh, joy!

Dave Mercer, Property Team Leader