Join us as a member of Holy Trinity!

Welcome to Holy Trinity and welcome into Holy Trinity! Hopefully you have felt well received into the Holy Trinity community. And, perhaps you are wanting to become an official part of our community. Church affiliation is a sign of commitment to the ministry and life of the congregation and we welcome you to consider joining us in exactly that.

New Member Classes

One may become a member by attending the new member classes offered periodically for all interested individuals.

These three classes offer an overview of the ministry of the congregation while also allowing space for participants to get to know each other.

Participants will include sponsors from the congregation for each person planning to join. The hope is for you to help you build relationships with individuals who can help you feel right at home in Holy Trinity.

How do I join?

This will depend upon your particular circumstance, but in general there are three basic ways that culminate with Baptism or Affirmation of Baptism:

  1. Baptism—if you have never been baptized, you will join Holy Trinity by being baptized.

  2. Affirmation of Baptism—if you have been baptized but have not been actively a part of an ELCA congregation or another Christian denomination, you will join by affirming what God has done in Baptism for you.

  3. Transfer from another congregation—if you are a member of an ELCA congregation or another Christian denomination, you will be received by letter of transfer from that congregation to Holy Trinity. This will include observation of Affirmation of Baptism.

Perhaps you are new to the faith—Pastor will offer more extensive sessions to help you grow into the faith so as to understand the promises of the Gospel for your life and what it means to be a child of God. Please contact the Pastor to further this conversation.