Using the HTELC Community Calendars

Calendars on the HTELC website

The Holy Trinity Calendars are available on the website under the menu item "News". Click or tap on this sentence to go there directly.

On the Holy Trinity website ( there are three calendars, one below the other:

  • weekly
  • agenda
  • monthly

Calendars on the Holy Trinity Community Website

calendar icon.png

Clink on the calendar icon at the top right

Once you have logged onto the Community website, you'll find a link to the Calendar next to the help icon and the icon representing your account

calendar options.png

Choose the type of calendar that you wish to view

The options are Month, Week, Day, and Agenda. You can also print our the calendar that you are viewing.

On the green bar you can click for Help and for People, which will take you back to the Directory.

Calendar on the Community App

On the first page when you use the app (or after you sign into the app, if necessary) one of the choices is "Calendar." If you tap on the Calendar button, you will be taken to the Holy Trinity calendar in an Agenda format.