Finding people in Our Directory

Note: Only Holy Trinity members and attenders with Holy Trinity accounts can access our Directory.

Using a computer or tablet

  • Log in. Using a computer or tablet, log into your account by going to and then entering your user name and password.
  • Once logged on, you should be on your account page.
  • Above your name at the top of the screen is a shaded box with a magnifying glass and labeled "Search for a person by name."
  • Click in the shaded Search box and type the name of the person whom you are seeking.
  • If Community finds more than one person with that name, it will present the options below the search bar. Click on the one you seek.
  • You will be taken to the person's account page with key contact and family information.

Using a smartphone and the Holy Trinity Community App

community app 6.jpg

To find someone at Holy Trinity, tap on the Directory choice (marked # 1) on the first page of the Elexio Community App

  • On the Directory Screen, you'll find
    • A search bar
    • An alphabetical list of persons in the Directory
  • You may find the person you seek either by entering his or her name in the search bar and pressing Return or by scrolling through the alphabetical list.

Note that at the bottom of the contact screen for each individual there is the button Add to contacts. Tap on this button to add this individual's contact information to your Contacts on your smartphone.