Our Church Leaders

Our Office Coordinator

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Mark Donahue

Holy Trinity's Office Coordinator is a native New Hampshire resident, born and raised in Dover, NH. He received a BA in Communications from Keene State College in 2010. Mark is an avid reader, golfer, beach-lover, and Patriots fan. During the summer, Mark enjoys spending an occasional weekend at his family’s cabin by the lake, kayaking or relaxing in the hammock with a good book.

Mark is available in the office on Sunday through Thursday from 9 AM - 4 PM, and can be reached at office@htelc.com or 603-436-1704.

Our Congregational Council Members

President: David Smith

Vice President: Cristina Dolcino (January 2018)

Treasurer: Linda Edwards (January 2018)

Secretary: Krissy Birthisel (January 2019)

Council at Large:

  • Grow in Faith (Faith Formation, Stewardship, and Library): Julie Moore (January 2018)
  • Come Together (Worship and Music Fellowship): Joan Bauer (January 2017)
  • Serve the Lord (Social Ministry, Caring Connection): Paul Karl (January 2019)

Our Bishops

Presiding Bishop of the ELCA: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Eaton

Bishop of the New England Synod: Rev. James Hazelwood

Church Officers and Team Leaders

(excluding those who are on Council)

Assistant Treasurer: Barry Philbrick – Disbursement and financial reports.

Financial Secretary: Nancy Johnson – Receipts and individual member giving reports.

Property: David Mercer – Maintenance and improvement of the church property.

Worship & Music: Leslie-Lynne Darling & Steve Bauer – Arrangement of worship services and associated music

Caring Connections: Nancy Hansen - Promote the care and wellbeing of members and their families.

Social Ministry: Ron Indorf (acting) – Response to human needs outside of the congregation.

International Team: Kurt Kasik & Cristina Dolcino – Outreach and aid to our sister congregations around the globe.

Adult Fellowship: TBD – Care and fellowship activities for members.

Welcoming: TBDs – Christian witness and addition of new members.

Faith Formation: Lara Scammon – Support of faith practices in the home and life.

  • Heidi Morrison, Faith Formation Coordinator

Visitation Ministry: Jill Larson – Outreach program for those who can’t regularly attend worship.

Stewardship: David Arrington – Coordinate the spirit of giving & stewardship campaign.

Library: Dot Kasik & Pam Shaw – Organize and maintain the church's library of books.


  • Jon Koelker (8:30 Choir Director & Guitarist)
  • Jonathan Bock (8:30 & 11:00 Pianist)
  • Ken Galle (11:00 Choir Director)
  • Dick Topping (Bass Guitar at 8:30 service)
  • Dot Kasik (Keyboardist at 8:30 service)
  • Judy Evans (Substitute Pianist)