Our Church Leaders

Our Office Coordinator

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Mark Donahue

Holy Trinity's Office Coordinator is a native New Hampshire resident, born and raised in Dover, NH. He received a BA in Communications from Keene State College in 2010. Mark is an avid reader of fiction, loves working with technology, and a huge Patriots fan. He also has a large collection of over 100 unique rubber ducks that he keeps in the church office. During the summer, Mark enjoys spending an occasional weekend at his family’s cabin by the lake, kayaking or relaxing in the hammock with a good book.

Mark is available in the office on Sunday through Thursday from 9 AM - 4 PM, and can be reached at office@htelc.com or 603-436-1704.

Our Congregational Council Members

President: David Smith

Vice President: Cristina Dolcino (January 2018)

Treasurer: Linda Edwards (January 2018)

Secretary: Krissy Thistleford (January 2019)

Council at Large:

  • Grow in Faith (Faith Formation, Stewardship, and Library): Julie Moore (January 2018)
  • Come Together (Worship and Music Fellowship): Joan Bauer (January 2017)
  • Serve the Lord (Social Ministry, Caring Connection): Paul Karl (January 2019)

Our Bishops

Presiding Bishop of the ELCA: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Eaton

Bishop of the New England Synod: Rev. James Hazelwood

Church Officers and Team Leaders

(excluding those who are on Council)

Assistant Treasurer: Barry Philbrick – Disbursement and financial reports.

Financial Secretary: Dan Scammon (interim) – Receipts and individual member giving reports.

Property: David Mercer – Maintenance and improvement of the church property.

Worship & Music: Leslie-Lynne Darling & Steve Bauer – Arrangement of worship services and associated music

Caring Connections: Nancy Hansen - Promote the care and wellbeing of members and their families.

Social Ministry: Ron Indorf – Response to human needs outside of the congregation.

International Team: Kurt Kasik & Cristina Dolcino – Outreach and aid to our sister congregations around the globe.

Adult Fellowship: TBD – Care and fellowship activities for members.

Welcoming: TBDs – Christian witness and addition of new members.

Faith Formation: Lara Scammon – Support of faith practices in the home and life.

  • Heidi Morrison, Faith Formation Coordinator

Visitation Ministry: Jill Larson – Outreach program for those who can’t regularly attend worship.

Stewardship: David Arrington – Coordinate the spirit of giving & stewardship campaign.

Library: Dot Kasik & Pam Shaw – Organize and maintain the church's library of books.


  • Jon Koelker (8:30 Choir Director & Guitarist)
  • Jonathan Bock (8:30 & 11:00 Pianist)
  • Ken Galle (11:00 Choir Director)
  • Dick Topping (Bass Guitar at 8:30 service)
  • Dot Kasik (Keyboardist at 8:30 service)
  • Judy Evans (Substitute Pianist)