Our Community App

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Our Community App

Using a smartphone to find people at Holy Trinity, to see the Holy Trinity online calendar, to make decisions about online giving, and to maintain your personal Holy Trinity account. (The app was developed by Elexio Church Software, hence the large "E.")

Setting up the Elexio Community App for Holy Trinity

  1. From your smartphone, download the Elexio Community App
    • Tap on the "Apps" icon on your smartphone (iPhone or Android phone)
    • Search for "Elexio Community"
    • Download the Elexio Community App (see its icon above)
  2. From your smartphone, open the Elexio Community App and configure your log in
    • You only have to do this once, and if you need help, bring your smartphone to church and ask for assistance!
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Setting htelc as the domain


Once you've opened the app, you'll see "domain.elexiochms.com" on the first line. The key word is "domain" and is circled in red in the screenshot to the left

1. Tap on the word "domain" and it will become selected

2. Type in its place "htelc" (all lower case)

3. Tap the Return key to enter Holy Trinity's domain name (htelc).

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Enter your Holy Trinity (htelc) user name and password

Note in the red circle that the domain name, htelc, as been successfully entered

1. Type your user name (normally your email addres)

2. Type your Holy Trinity (htelc) password

3. Tap the "Sign In" key and your done. The Elexio Community App should remember your credentials going forward

If you have forgot your password

If you have a username (normally your email address), but do not remember your password, you can reset it by clicking on *

Using the Elexio Community App

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Top choices in the Elexio Community App

1. Directory. Tap this to search for people at Holy Trinity.

2. Calendar. Tap this to view the Holy Trinity Calendars

3. Give. Tap this green bar to go to screen where you can arrange a donation to Holy Trinity

4. Account Information. In place of the blanked out picture and text, you'll see on your smartphone your Holy Trinity picture and your name. Tap on this name and picture to go to your account page