July 2018: Inspections, Exterminators, and Permits

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, July 12, 2018 @ 2:18 PM

The Property Team has been busy with the normal outside tasks of mowing, trimming, garden care and such, as well as our normal inside routine of cleaning and minor repairs. Since my last report, the contractor for our basement sump pump system and dehumidifier system has been in to inspect and service this equipment. This equipment is working well with no problems noted. Also, I called our exterminator in to apply chemicals for carpenter ant control in selected areas of the Sanctuary after hearing some reports that these potentially problematic visitors had been seen. Please let me or the office know if you see any problems with insects, rodents, etc.

By the time this report is published, work to seal the parking lot and driveways should be in progress. The work has begun on Tuesday and we’re on schedule to complete on time by Friday, concluding with painting of the parking lines. Also, the carpet replacement work in the Gathering Area, Sacristy, first floor hallways, and two first floor classrooms is scheduled to begin on August 7 and be completed in about a week. I have also been working with the Newington Fire Department to obtain a renewal of our permit for the tent. The permit expired on July 1. I anticipate the permit will have been renewed prior to the next planned use for Vacation Bible School. David Mercer, Property Team Leader