October 2018: Another snapshot in time

The Property Team has continued "doing its thing", which is to say we have kept on doing what we've been doing. The specific "things" change with the seasons and the situations, but the big picture seems timeless enough. Some of the same tasks always roll around in an informal, but predictable cycle, and new tasks keep coming up. We do our best to take care of them. Our "to do" list seems to grow and grow.

As of Saturday afternoon, October 6, all of the various lights in the Sanctuary were functional again with the exception of one that we are keeping off by choice. A special "thank you" goes out to Mike Cresta who provided and operated the aerial lift to get me up to the high overhead light fixtures that needed attention, and Tracy Barry and Barry Philbrick who also gave up a portion of their Saturday afternoon to move chairs and lug various things around. Of course, there remains a possibility that another bulb will fail before you read this. That is how cycles work!

We try to use volunteer resources where it is reasonable to do so. Another one of our volunteers, Jeff Morrison, will be coming in to modify a dedicated electrical line to make it compatible with the new office copy machine to be installed this month. Some tasks demand outside assistance. This month we will have a vendor in to replace a power supply that serves several emergency lights in the kitchen area. These lights have been out of service for quite some time.

Situations change, and sometimes our plans change as well. Our plans to change one of the kitchen faucets fell on hard times when I was unable to get the old faucet out. The work space is very tight and one of the nuts securing the faucet to the sink proved uncooperative. Since the existing faucet is still functional, we have decided to keep it in service so long as parts are available and it remains serviceable. While working on the sink, we also discovered a problem with one of the drinking water coolers. We will be ordering and replacing a leaking part and resolving a marginal drain for this cooler.

There is always more to tell about Property Team activities. Here are a few more examples. We have recently been involved in coordinating/advising Brian Clement on his successful Eagle Scout project restoring and reorienting our church sign and related improvements. We have been making plans to resolve issues with our old weathered and damaged trash dumpsters.We removed and replaced furniture and other items to support the new carpet installation. We resolved issues with doors for both the ladies’ and men’s’ rooms. We removed many items stored in back classrooms.

The story could go on, but I will wait for another time. Until then, we will be working off items on our "to do" list. Dave Mercer, for the Property Team