August 2019: Tent Comes Down the "Easy" way, and the Fire Department has concerns.

This past week the tent came down in record time. Strong winds and rain took it down in about 5-10 minutes. Of course, the Thursday Group spent quite a bit of time cleaning up the resulting tangle of canvas, poles, stakes, and straps. The tent survives, but some poles are damaged and require replacement before we can use it again.

The Fire Department completed a periodic inspection of our building last week and gave us a fairly lengthy list of issues to resolve. The majority of the items involve emergency lighting and emergency doors. We will be developing a plan and budget estimate to resolve the concerns. These issues should not influence building use or occupancy.

We are in the process of seeking bids for electrical and painting work to support a project to relocate the "Wiggle Room" to the adjacent kindergarten classroom and to convert the current "Wiggle Room" to a conference room. Council will make a determination regarding this project.

We have accepted a bid to fill and seal cracks in our parking lot and driveways. Cracks in the paving are the normal consequence of the seasons and must be resolved to avoid more serious paving problems. We will make every effort to get this work done on a Friday when the building is not in use. This work should have little or no impact on access to the building.

We continue to work on the backlog of property related tasks. Recent progress has been made on trimming bushes and trees and cleaning up our garden areas. It all comes down to priorities and circumstances. Recently I was discussing Property Team work backlog with some of my team members. In a perfect world, it should be simple. Make a list. Assign priorities. Work items off the list by priority and within available resources. Easy Peezy ... right? Not! Reality says the list of "to-do" items constantly grows because valid issues keep coming up. Some, such as fire safety issues, have high priority and drive other valid issues lower down the list. With our limited resources (time, people, money) some tasks would never get addressed based on priority alone. Some low priority items get worked on simply because the time is right and it is convenient to do so. Some low priority items just languish on the list. We do what we can. Bear with us!

David Mercer, Property Team Leader