July 2019: Help Wanted. Apply Within!

Last month I gave you the big picture view of Property Team matters, our responsibilities, how things get done in general terms, the crucial importance of volunteers, and the various ways interested members or friends can help if they are so inclined. All of that was a view from 100,000 feet above our building and property. At ground level the view is more pragmatic, and I would like to give you a typical view at ground level using the current backlog of tasks to illustrate our reality. I do not claim this list is complete or exhaustive, just a stream of conscienceness dump of things I know are lurking and, in some cases, starving for lack of care.

Our windows need washing. The Thursday group has done much of the interior sides, but some still need to be done. The exterior windows need to be done.

All of our bushes are in need of trimming and shaping.

We have five metal doors that need work to remove exposed corrosion and be painted.

We have some damaged vinyl siding that needs replacement.

We have several windows with exterior and interior damage needing repair. Some windows have missing parts that prevent proper operation.

Some exterior wood trim around doors and windows needs painting.

Several sections of gutters need cleaning.

Some downspout repair is needed to divert rain runoff away from the foundation to limit water intrusion to the basement.

We would like to install hydraulic lift/close assist cylinders (similar to those on automobile hoods, lift-backs, etc) to make it easier and safer to use our wooden trash bins (parts are on order).

Throughout the spring, summer, and fall we have an ongoing need to mow, trim, tend to flower and plant gardens, cutback plant growth, clean up debris, and all kinds of things needed to keep the property looking presentable. The Thursday Group gets to most of this when weather cooperates, but there is always a backlog waiting to be addressed.

Sometime in late summer or fall the tent will need to be taken down and put into storage. It is one of those tasks that is becoming increasingly challenging for the Thursday Group.

Later this year we will need to remove and store four (possibly five) window air conditioner units. This year, because of weather issues and other more pressing work, we will have barely gotten them installed by the time you read this. I mention a fifth unit because we are considering installing an additional unit in a classroom to support Vacation Bible School ... another item for the backlog.

There is an ongoing need to chase down bids for outside services for various work scopes that are probably unrealistic for volunteers. Some examples ...

  • Cleaning and/or painting our steeple which is becoming increasingly shabby looking.
  • Re-doing the gravel ground cover along the foundation of the Sanctuary.
  • Cleaning and re-staining the exterior wood around the Sanctuary and main entry.
  • Trimming our larger trees.
  • Installing additional rain gutters and downspouts.
  • Parking lot service
  • Diagnosing and repairing an electrical problem with the wall outlets in the kindergarten classroom.

We need to do some follow-up work with one of service providers to resolve some emergency lighting issues in the Gathering Area.

We need to install a switch loop with dimmer capability to allow the new track lighting above the right side of the choir area to be turned off or dimmed.

We need to replace the sliding divider between the Gathering Area and the hallway to the Sunday School, wing. The existing divider is damaged.

We would like to re-work the wiring for the library lighting to allow the new track lights to be dimmed when desired.

We need to re-wire the electrical supply line to an outlet in the overhead area of the Gathering Area to resolve a code compliance matter. Alternatively, the line and outlet could be removed. The outlet is used for the Christmas Star.

We always have bulbs to replace in overhead areas. Some in the Sanctuary are 28 feet above the floor. Bulbs in the Gathering Area can be serviced from a ladder.

We need to resolve some problems with certain of the monofiliment lines in the Sanctuary used to hang items above the baptismal font and to support decorations between the walls and the iron ring. We have access to an aerial lift to do this sort of work.

And that is just part of what demands ongoing care and feeding! If you are moved to help in any way, please let me know when our paths cross at church, or call the church office. As always, I really appreciate what many of you already do on an on-going basis and cannot thank you enough, but our numbers are too few for the tasks at hand. There is nothing we do that could not also be done by hired help, but just imagine the cost and the lost opportunities!

If you have not been involved in Property Matters, but think you could help in any way, please contact me. You can get involved with the Thursday Morning Group as your schedule permits and/or you can participate at other times and in various ways. I would love to discuss possibilities with you.

Dave Mercer, Property Team Leader