July 2019: Thank you for the gifts

We Greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ our savior.

First of all, we thank you much for the deep love and close concern on us, we feel we are part of your families, May Almight God bless and guide all your steps, we appreciate it much.

We are deeply sorry for Mama Africa's health conditions, it touches our souls. We are praying hard for her, so as our merciful and lovely God can recover her health soon.

Thanks much for your gift to us, we went to Bega kwa Bega offices yesterday, they said the gift is there already, but there was just late information to us. So we are in plan to buy 10 beds for bording students here at our college and 4 tailoring machines, We will update you all what is going on by video and pictures.

Pass our much greatings to Mama Africa, tell her that she will be safe in the name of Jesus, we love her so much and we are taking our time praying for her.

Great others too and your family also.

We love you in the name of Jesus.

Be blessed in advance.

Pastor Livingstone Msungu.