June 2019: Education in Isimani

(Church office note: The following is an email received from Pastor Livingstone Msungu to the Church Office, dated June 18. Pastor Msungu had attached images to his email, but the church office was unable to view these images. Please excuse any spelling or grammar errors.)

Hello my friend in Christ.

Holly Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church USA.

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, it’s my hope that all of you we are progressing well, in our Side we are happy for Christ and all of us we are ok!! And we give God a glory for everything that he did to us and we believe that, With God all thing are possible, Thanks for your daily prayer to us, we know and we believe on that each and every thing that God has did to us it’s because of you’re prayer!! My God Bless you.

We are very sad for the death of our beloved Nancy Johson she was the member of Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran church, Very sorry, we pray for her family and the whole community and church as well. May God strengthen you during this difficult and painfull period. very sorry.

For today I’m so happy because I can see the Image of my early dreams for Isimani Community we are going to happen soon, for my first time to reach in this church I can see the class of sewing for youth, and my dreams was to have a big collage apart from this sewing class, so from that day my wife and I was continues to pray for this dreams, and after few days I can share this Vision to the Prayers team so as we continue to pray for my vision.

Slowly we started to build four major classes so as to archive our goals for having a vocational collage in this parish and we thanks God who taught us many ways on how to earn money so that we can accomplish this task, and in that God was very faithful to us, he shows us many ways including Contribution to our congregants and donation. But also after telling the Christian about this vision they received it with joy and they become very active in completing the construction of these classes.

And today I thanks God that we have fitting the aluminum window for all classes, and to the extent that we have until now these classes are ready to be used, and so far we have already made chairs and tables for two classes, and in this Year on July 1/2019 we expect to receive more than 50 new students who will join to our collage.

And also in this collage we expect to have a different curriculum courses such as Sewing courses, Computer course, Music, Welding, Driving, Hotel management, tourism guiding and Agriculture with animal keeping. This is our expect course from our college curriculum, but for this year we are sure to start with four course of Sewing, Computer, Music and animal keeping. And in this course we have succeeded in purchasing teaching materials such as Computer (13 Desk top), Five keyboard and four guitar, We have 13 Cow, and within this month we expect to receive 500 hen, and we have also bought a new 5 sewing machine (but It’s un electrical machine) But so far we have already qualified teachers for that course. But we believe in Christ that after a few years all the courses will be taught.

Also we are continuing for the process of register this collage in government system what will be identified by this name ELCT ISIMANI VOCATION AND AGRICULTURE TRAINING CENTRE. And up to now we have already taken a several steps to accomplish this registration. I’m sure before next year 2020 I will have completed the issue of registration. And our main aim is to help our community and Tanzanian Youth to acquire a variety of Knowledge and different skill so that they can get rid of this tragedy of Poverty.

All in all we need you’re seriously daily prayer, because still we have a challenge on how to get a money for teachers’ salaries and some of the incomplete materials for our classes, But we believe in Jesus Name that he will make the way for us to move on and I trust in his Word Phillip 1:6 and Phillip 4:13. I believe on your Prayers that God will make us successful and will defeat us in all. But Personally I would to present my thanks for all who praying for my wife studies, I’m so happy that she completely her studies in this year on March 2019. And she pass very well in her final examination, and so far she work as a nurse at Ilambilole Hospital.

Thank you very much, and I repeat that all this are possible due to your prayer.

Thank you and I,m so sorry for my broken Language , but I think you get the idea for what I,m talking about .

I Love you all

Rev: Livingstone Msungu

Isimani parish