October 2019: Reformation Sunday, RIC Forums, and work around the building.

Greetings Everyone

I know autumn officially began a few weeks ago back in September, and it didn’t feel like fall, but now it looks like it’s here for real with leaves turning from green to bright beautiful colors, and in fact they’re even starting to fall, which means…..uh oh…. raking season is coming soon, if not already here in some plaqces But in my mind it’s worth it, because on a crisp morning with crystal blue sky and bright sun shining on the trees as the leaves get bright orange/yellow/red, you can’t help but feel good, and grateful for all of God’s blessings.

Another sure sign that summer is way back in the rear-view mirror and we’re into the regular routines of school and work can be seen here at Holy Trinity where so many are doing so much. Members of the Thursday Work Group, Faith Formation Team and others pooled their talents to move the Wiggle Room to the room at the end of the hallway to the right of the kitchen. Further work will be done to change the former Wiggle Room into a gathering room for classes and meetings. The Faith Formation Team has been meeting and mapped out plans for the coming year, and plans are being made for future events such as the ski weekend, spring cleanup at Camp Calumet, and Confirmation retreat.

Closer at hand, October 27th is Reformation Sunday, when we will be confirming four of our young people during first service. In addition, it will be pledge Sunday, during which time we will be making our commitment to Holy Trinity for the coming year through our financial support. Be on the lookout for the Stewardship mailing that will be coming out shortly. Please prayerfully consider your financial commitment to Holy Trinity in 2020.

Forums centering on Holy Trinity exploring the possibility of becoming a Reconciling in Christ congregation will continue this Sunday/Wednesday and next (13th and 16th, and the following week the 20th and 23rd) with the topic this Sunday/Wednesday being “What Would It Mean For Holy Trinity”. The following week Alice Kerr Laird will be leading a discussion about what the Bible says about same-sex relationships. I strongly urge everyone to attend all the sessions. If you miss one, see Mark Donahue and he will make available the recording so you can listen. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or raise points or concerns during these get togethers. If you’re hesitant to speak during the sessions, seek out one of the RIC Team members (Pastor, John Corgan, Steve Bauer, Jo Whiting, Cristina Dolcino, Matt Nania, or Glen Oswald) with your thoughts and ideas or for more information.

Enjoy the beautiful autumn days ahead.


Dave Smith

Congregation President