December 2018 Council Minutes

Holy Trinity Council Meeting Minutes

December 11, 2018

We Gather in God’s Name

PRESENT: Pastor Krick, Dave Smith, Martha Belanger, Scott Carson, Linda Edwards, Ron Indorf, Joan Bauer, Julie Moore and Cristina Dolcino. Opening Prayer • We Light the Christ Candle o Blessings o Thank You Cards

• Devotions: Discussion of Jesus Freak (Chapter 4: Forgiving)

• Meeting minutes approval o November 15 minutes approved online We Celebrate and Give Thanks for the Past • Secretary Report o Pastor, Scott and responsible Minister Team leaders met with Mark Donahue, Jon Koelker and Heidi Morrison for their annual conversations.

• Pastor’s Report: See attached report

• Ministry Team Reports o Serve the Lord:  Social Ministry sent $7,000 to the ministries being supported by the 2018 budget.

o Grow in Faith:  Christmas Pageant: Thanks to all involved in planning and organizing the pageant. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the hope, faith and love of the Advent season.

o Come Together:
 Joan met with the musician and choir directors to discuss and to update work agreements.

We Seek God’s Direction for our Church • Nominating Committee o Identified and are reaching out to candidates for the open positions on the 2019 Congregational Council (Secretary and Serve the Lord Ministry Team leader).

• Memorial Fund disbursements o Pastor is working with Byrl Short to identify ways to use the Memorial Fund ($4,200). One idea under evaluation is replacing the sign along the Spaulding Turnpike.

We Look to the Future • Treasurer’s Report o 2018 Financials: Through the end of November, giving is approximately $6,700 ahead of expenses. The projection is that at the end of 2018 we will be just about even with income and expenses and will not need to draw on monies in the cash funds to balance the budget. o 2019 Budget: Linda shared a first draft of the 2019 budget based on projected giving from Nancy Johnson and expenses from ministry teams. Linda will take feedback from our conversation, revise the draft and share with Council members an updated version prior to the January meeting.

• Upcoming Calendar review (next two months) o January 8, 2019: Council meeting January 8th o January 21, 2019: Covenant Renewal with Immanuel Indonesian and Adult Forum Conversation on the 2019 budget o January 27, 2019: Annual Congregational Meeting o February 12, 2019: Council Meeting

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Guidance