September 2018 Council Minutes

Holy Trinity Council Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2018

We Gather in God’s Name

PRESENT: Pastor Krick, Dave Smith, Martha Belanger, Scott Carson, Linda Edwards, Ron Indorf, Joan Bauer, Julie Moore and Cristina Dolcino.

Opening Prayer

  • We Light the Christ Candle
    • Blessings
    • Thank You Cards
  • Devotions: Dave Smith
  • Meeting minutes approval
    • August 14, 2018 minutes approved online
  • Pastor Tim Roser, Associate to the Bishop, met with Council to get feedback on our first eight months with Pastor Krick and next steps in our ministry together. Pastor Roser encouraged us to reflect on the question of “Where was God during our call process journey?”
  • Pastor led a discussion on the second chapter of jesus freak: Feeding.

We Celebrate and Give Thanks for the Past

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Offerings were less than expenses but by less than $1000, in August ($24,729 offering versus $25,716 operating expenses). But year to date, offering versus expenses remains positive, $9303.
  • Secretary Report

    • Tech gift card

      • Motion/Second/Approved to send Sue and Ray Masse a $200 gift card in thanks for their many years of technology support. The gift card will be paid using funds in the IT Maintenance line item.
    • Background checks:

      • Pastor and Scott are beginning the background check process for members of the congregation using a vendor called Protect My Ministry. The people identified are in either leadership roles and/or working with our youth.
      • Motion/Second/Approved to authorize up to $1000 to fund background checks. Funds will come from the Administration category in the budget.
        • Note: Currently there is no line item in the budget to fund the background checks. A line item will be added in future budgets.
  • Pastor’s Report: See attached report
  • Ministry Team Reports

    • Come Together – Joan

      • Worship Team is finalizing plans for fall and into the Advent Season.
    • Serve the Lord – Ron

      • Social Ministry:
        • October 14: God’s Work, Our Hands
        • September 23: Caring Connections Meeting
    • Grow in Faith

      • Faith Formation Team is working on plans out through the end of the year.
      • December 9: Christmas Pageant

We Seek God’s Direction for our Church

  • Faith Formation Coordinator:
    • Motion/Second/Approved to renew Heidi Morrison’s contract as the Faith Formation Coordinator.
      • Note: Heidi’s initial contract expired on July 1, 2018, and she was continuing to work based on verbal agreement. This vote formalized the agreement.
  • Musician Contracts
    • Motion/Second/Approved contracts for Jon Koelker, Jonathon Bock and Ken Galle
  • Reconciled in Christ: Discussion moved to October

  • Audit Committee report: Report moved to October

  • Nominating Committee: A Nominating Committee will need to be created to identify new candidates to fill positions on Council.

We Look to the Future

  • Upcoming Calendar review (next two months)
    • October 9: Council meeting October
    • October 14: God’s Work, Our Hands
    • November 13: Council meeting November

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Guidance