What determines the readings for today? The Lectionary!

The Lectionary is a pre-selected collection of scriptural readings from the Bible that can be used for worship, study or other theological uses. It determines the readings for Sunday worship at Holy Trinity.

The Readings for Today from the Lectionary

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What Lectionary do Lutherans use?

Lutherans use the Revised Common Lectionary, which is a three-year cycle of weekly scriptural passages (lections) used to varying degrees by the vast majority of mainline Protestant churches in Canada and the United States. The Revised Common Lectionary is built around the seasons of the the Church Year, and includes four readings for each Sunday, as well as additional readings for major feast days.

The Normal Sources of the Four Readings

During most of the year, the selections are: a reading from the Hebrew Bible, a Psalm, a reading from the Epistles, and a Gospel reading. During the season of Easter, the Hebrew Bible selection is usually replaced with one from the Acts of the Apostles. The selections from the Hebrew Bible are sometimes chosen from the Apocrypha.

The Lectionary and the Seasons of the Church Year

The seasons of the Church Year reflect the life of Christ. Consequently, the gospel selections for each Sunday provide the focus for that day. The other selections for a given day generally have a thematic relationship to the gospel reading for that day, although this is not always the case.

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