October 2019: RIP Riding Lawn Mower, New wiggle room and conference room, Fire Safety can be expensive!

We tried using our older riding mower, but the engine failed after 45 minutes or so of mowing. The model and serial number on the engine indicates the engine was made in 2005, so the mower is 13-14 years old, perhaps too young too die, but who knows? We explored repair options and concluded repair costs would be too high for a mower of this age. We will replace the mower this fall or next spring.

After seeking bids to prepare and paint the walls in the old kindergarten classroom and the old Wiggle Room, we were unable to find a painter at a reasonable cost and acceptable schedule. We decided to do this work ourselves with the Thursday Group and other available volunteers. We disposed of or relocated items in these rooms. The walls in the new Wiggle Room were stripped, repaired and painted. Furniture and equipment has been moved into the room and it is back in service in its new location. A few details remain to be finished. With this phase of the project nearing completion, we will be working on stripping, repairing, and painting walls for the new conference room. Special thanks to Richard Topping, Bernie Olsen, Bob Hollister, Jill Larson, Lara Scammon, Barry Philbrick, Erica Nania, Don Gindlesperger, and Len Small for helping with this effort in various ways.

We typically have two annual inspections/tests for our fire safety equipment. The first of these assures proper operation of the Fire Alarm Panel and heat sensors throughout the building. This system sounds alarms and notifies the fire department if heat sensors in the building are activated. This is typically a routine test, although we sometimes replace a battery in the panel. This inspection was last completed in May of this year. The second inspection addresses all of our emergency lighting and fire extinguishers. Emergency lights are tested to see that they function on batteries, and the batteries are stress tested to verify lights can be powered for the fire code required 90 minutes. Fire extinguishers are inspected to verify they are fully charged and operational and hydrostatic testing is within the required time intervals. These tests were last completed in August and September.

This year, costs for fire safety equipment testing and service has been relatively high, about $1800, for basic testing, replacement batteries, fire extinguisher service, and fire extinguisher hydrostatic pressure testing. There will be additional costs this year and next year for normal annual inspections and to bring our facility into compliance with life safety code issues identified by the fire department in their most recent walk-through of our building. Most of these code issues involve the need for additional emergency lights, additional lighting and signage for emergency exits, and improper operation of several emergency exit doors. We will be working to resolve all of these code issues by next summer.

September 2019: Things are supposed to slow down a bit in August, right?

Maybe my memories of August are just wishful thinking, but I recall our outdoor work typically slacked off in August, just in time to accommodate late summer vacations. This has not been the case this year, due in part to a backlog of outside work that did not get done earlier in the summer, but we have managed to keep the seasonal vegetation under control. Many thanks are due to Scott Carson who came in several times in August to trim and shape all of our bushes, cut back some troublesome tree branches, cut back the plant growth along the Spaulding Turnpike fence line, and more. Erica Nania, the newest member of our Thursday Group arrived just in time to help Scott with some of the trimming and she has also been introduced to the normal inside routine. It is great to see new people such as Erica, a mother and employed, who finds the time to help us when her schedule permits. As always, our Thursday Morning regulars have continued with their outstanding efforts to maintain the building and property. I applaud each of you. Thank you for your service.

The mystery of the non-functioning electrical outlets in the kindergarten classroom has been solved! The electricians we hired to resolve this issue and install additional outlets in this room, discovered an electrical line in the basement overhead area that had been damaged and cut off. It appears that the wire was probably damaged in one of our construction projects, so the outlets have not been functional for many years. They are functional now, and all of the receptacles are the tamper-resistant variety recommended by our insurance carrier, especially in spaces for our young children. We can now move forward with converting this space to the new Wiggle Room and converting the existing Wiggle Room to a conference room. Another new Property Team volunteer, Bill Kath, came in to help move items out of the kindergarten room to support the electrical work. This is a great example of how a volunteer can support the Property Team at times other than Thursday Morning. Thanks, Bill.

By the time you read this, we will have completed a cleaning of the stone floor in the Sanctuary. As noted by a long-time member and passable humorist (thanks, Alice), the last time the stone floor was cleaned was when the roof leaked during construction! All jokes aside, many thanks to all of the volunteers who came out to move chairs and other items so our cleaners could do their thing. There is good reason why it has not been done for a long time. It is a big effort. Many thanks to what I am calling the "Clean The Stone Floor Team" ... they are ...

  • Byrl Short
  • Bob Hollister
  • Bernie Olsen
  • Barry and Phyllis Philbrick
  • Eleanor Young
  • Pastor Tim Krick
  • Dave Arrington
  • Pat Wollette
  • Dick Topping
  • Dave Mercer (Yours truly)
  • And of course, Seacoast Cleaners

I can't resist a little braggadocio. I recently repaired two of our lawn mowers for a grand total of about $10. One of our riding mowers quit on us, so I hauled it to my garage in Madbury, found a failed part and got it running again. One of our push mowers would not start for lack of compression ... off to Madbury! I found an internal engine part that was not working properly and fixed it at no cost. I estimate I saved the Holy Trinity about $400! I have one more piece of our equipment in Madbury that I am working on. Time is money unless you are retired! Martha says I need a raise.

As for what is coming up, we will be continuing to resolve fire protection related issues identified in a recent Fire Department inspection. We have taken care of several items, but much more remains to be done over the next several months. Stay tuned for more progress reports.

Dave Mercer, Property Team Leader

August 2019: Tent Comes Down the "Easy" way, and the Fire Department has concerns.

This past week the tent came down in record time. Strong winds and rain took it down in about 5-10 minutes. Of course, the Thursday Group spent quite a bit of time cleaning up the resulting tangle of canvas, poles, stakes, and straps. The tent survives, but some poles are damaged and require replacement before we can use it again.

The Fire Department completed a periodic inspection of our building last week and gave us a fairly lengthy list of issues to resolve. The majority of the items involve emergency lighting and emergency doors. We will be developing a plan and budget estimate to resolve the concerns. These issues should not influence building use or occupancy.

We are in the process of seeking bids for electrical and painting work to support a project to relocate the "Wiggle Room" to the adjacent kindergarten classroom and to convert the current "Wiggle Room" to a conference room. Council will make a determination regarding this project.

We have accepted a bid to fill and seal cracks in our parking lot and driveways. Cracks in the paving are the normal consequence of the seasons and must be resolved to avoid more serious paving problems. We will make every effort to get this work done on a Friday when the building is not in use. This work should have little or no impact on access to the building.

We continue to work on the backlog of property related tasks. Recent progress has been made on trimming bushes and trees and cleaning up our garden areas. It all comes down to priorities and circumstances. Recently I was discussing Property Team work backlog with some of my team members. In a perfect world, it should be simple. Make a list. Assign priorities. Work items off the list by priority and within available resources. Easy Peezy ... right? Not! Reality says the list of "to-do" items constantly grows because valid issues keep coming up. Some, such as fire safety issues, have high priority and drive other valid issues lower down the list. With our limited resources (time, people, money) some tasks would never get addressed based on priority alone. Some low priority items get worked on simply because the time is right and it is convenient to do so. Some low priority items just languish on the list. We do what we can. Bear with us!

David Mercer, Property Team Leader

July 2019: Help Wanted. Apply Within!

Last month I gave you the big picture view of Property Team matters, our responsibilities, how things get done in general terms, the crucial importance of volunteers, and the various ways interested members or friends can help if they are so inclined. All of that was a view from 100,000 feet above our building and property. At ground level the view is more pragmatic, and I would like to give you a typical view at ground level using the current backlog of tasks to illustrate our reality. I do not claim this list is complete or exhaustive, just a stream of conscienceness dump of things I know are lurking and, in some cases, starving for lack of care.

Our windows need washing. The Thursday group has done much of the interior sides, but some still need to be done. The exterior windows need to be done.

All of our bushes are in need of trimming and shaping.

We have five metal doors that need work to remove exposed corrosion and be painted.

We have some damaged vinyl siding that needs replacement.

We have several windows with exterior and interior damage needing repair. Some windows have missing parts that prevent proper operation.

Some exterior wood trim around doors and windows needs painting.

Several sections of gutters need cleaning.

Some downspout repair is needed to divert rain runoff away from the foundation to limit water intrusion to the basement.

We would like to install hydraulic lift/close assist cylinders (similar to those on automobile hoods, lift-backs, etc) to make it easier and safer to use our wooden trash bins (parts are on order).

Throughout the spring, summer, and fall we have an ongoing need to mow, trim, tend to flower and plant gardens, cutback plant growth, clean up debris, and all kinds of things needed to keep the property looking presentable. The Thursday Group gets to most of this when weather cooperates, but there is always a backlog waiting to be addressed.

Sometime in late summer or fall the tent will need to be taken down and put into storage. It is one of those tasks that is becoming increasingly challenging for the Thursday Group.

Later this year we will need to remove and store four (possibly five) window air conditioner units. This year, because of weather issues and other more pressing work, we will have barely gotten them installed by the time you read this. I mention a fifth unit because we are considering installing an additional unit in a classroom to support Vacation Bible School ... another item for the backlog.

There is an ongoing need to chase down bids for outside services for various work scopes that are probably unrealistic for volunteers. Some examples ...

  • Cleaning and/or painting our steeple which is becoming increasingly shabby looking.
  • Re-doing the gravel ground cover along the foundation of the Sanctuary.
  • Cleaning and re-staining the exterior wood around the Sanctuary and main entry.
  • Trimming our larger trees.
  • Installing additional rain gutters and downspouts.
  • Parking lot service
  • Diagnosing and repairing an electrical problem with the wall outlets in the kindergarten classroom.

We need to do some follow-up work with one of service providers to resolve some emergency lighting issues in the Gathering Area.

We need to install a switch loop with dimmer capability to allow the new track lighting above the right side of the choir area to be turned off or dimmed.

We need to replace the sliding divider between the Gathering Area and the hallway to the Sunday School, wing. The existing divider is damaged.

We would like to re-work the wiring for the library lighting to allow the new track lights to be dimmed when desired.

We need to re-wire the electrical supply line to an outlet in the overhead area of the Gathering Area to resolve a code compliance matter. Alternatively, the line and outlet could be removed. The outlet is used for the Christmas Star.

We always have bulbs to replace in overhead areas. Some in the Sanctuary are 28 feet above the floor. Bulbs in the Gathering Area can be serviced from a ladder.

We need to resolve some problems with certain of the monofiliment lines in the Sanctuary used to hang items above the baptismal font and to support decorations between the walls and the iron ring. We have access to an aerial lift to do this sort of work.

And that is just part of what demands ongoing care and feeding! If you are moved to help in any way, please let me know when our paths cross at church, or call the church office. As always, I really appreciate what many of you already do on an on-going basis and cannot thank you enough, but our numbers are too few for the tasks at hand. There is nothing we do that could not also be done by hired help, but just imagine the cost and the lost opportunities!

If you have not been involved in Property Matters, but think you could help in any way, please contact me. You can get involved with the Thursday Morning Group as your schedule permits and/or you can participate at other times and in various ways. I would love to discuss possibilities with you.

Dave Mercer, Property Team Leader

June 2019: Volunteers Needed for Property Team Work!

I imagine most folks at HTELC have a good understanding of the various things that have to happen to keep the church property safe, clean, comfortable, functional, and presentable. Fire safety equipment must be properly inspected and operational. The heating system, water systems, electrical systems, kitchen and restroom equipment must work properly when needed. Equipment and furnishings throughout the building need to be kept serviceable.

The facility must be kept clean. The building exterior, grounds, driveways and parking lot have to be maintained. Grounds equipment must be operated, stored and maintained. That said, I also surmise that far fewer folks understand how all that gets done. For a facility of our size many churches would be relying heavily on outside vendor/contractor services and might well have a paid staff position or a service to manage and coordinate all that has to be done. Historically, we have relied heavily on volunteers. Of course, we also use outside services when appropriate and within our budgets, but week in and week out, throughout the year, our volunteers are heavily engaged in addressing our property needs. The scope of the volunteer work is considerable, and, increasingly, a challenge to keep going as the number of volunteers has gradually reduced over the years. An inevitable consequence of this trend is a growing backlog of work. The regular, routine work of the Thursday Morning Group tends to take all the available resources, particularly when the outside grounds work is heavy, and we are unable to address the backlog.

So, what is the answer? There are really just three ways we get property work done. First, we have volunteers who meet most Thursday mornings through the year to work on a wide variety of property tasks. These volunteers are nearly all retired folks who can regularly get to the church on Thursday morning. The second way uses volunteers who cannot work Thursday mornings, but are willing to work on property tasks at other times that suit their availability. This approach works well for volunteers who are comfortable working alone or possibly with another volunteer or team of volunteers. The third way involves hiring someone to come in and do the work. This usually means a volunteer is needed to seek bids, select a vendor, get the work scheduled, and see the work through to completion.

No matter how we go at it, it always comes down to volunteers, and we need more of them. If you are willing to help us on property related work of any kind, please contact the office, or contact me by email at dmgr@comcast.net or call me at 603 953-3855. Thank you for your consideration. Dave Mercer, Property Team Leader.

May 2019: Warmer weather is beginning of outdoor work

With the arrival of Spring and the Easter season the Property Team has begun to increase its emphasis on outdoor tasks. The winter equipment has been put away. The warmer weather has allowed us to complete repairs and painting of damaged doors on our outside trash bins, and to install improved door latches. We are evaluating additional improvements to make the trash bins easier and safer to use.

The lawn mowing equipment has been taken out of storage and put back in service. The first lawn mowing of the season was completed just after Easter Sunday. Soon the tent will be going up, a sure harbinger of summer!

As always, our indoor work has continued as needed, and we always have a list of indoor projects on our "to-do" list. The Easter cross has been put back in storage, and the Easter lilies have been removed. With the seasonal change more of our resources will be devoted to the lawn, bushes, plantings, and other details of our grounds.

A special thank you goes out to Barry Philbrick who served as interim Property Team Leader during my winter absence. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to check out the Property Team blog entries from January to the present to learn about team activities through this past winter period.

Dave Mercer, Property Team Leader

January 2019: Time to De-Decorate

By the time you read this report, the Christmas scene has been transformed to our normal worship surroundings. We have enjoyed the decorations to enhance the Advent and Christmas season. But, it takes a group effort to create this enhanced worship setting.

Dave Mercer had an action plan for each Advent week as the decorations expanded or changed. The three blue banners were hung from the sanctuary sides to the overhead iron ring for an awesome display. This was created by Glenn Oswald who engaged some of the Thursday Group, Worship Team and youth for help to construct and raise these banners.

Poinsettia plants and wreaths had to be ordered early so we could enjoy the flower display on Christmas Eve. Julie Moore was in control of this, as well as setting up the initial decorations.

After the tree was assembled by the Thursday Group, Bill and Julie Kath then placed the numerous symbolic crismons on the tree to complete the appearance.

And now, it is time to de-decorate.

Barry Philbrick, Interim Property Team Leader

December 2018: Inside, outside ... mostly inside!

Another month has come and gone! Wow! Suddenly, cold weather has arrived. Our snow removal contractor has already made a couple of visits to plow the driveways and lots and to clear our walks and emergency exit paths. We have put our snowblower to early use to clear some areas around our storage shed and trash bins.

It has been an unusual fall season. With the colder weather closing in, we were able to complete work to clean up the outside flower gardens to prepare them for winter, and we completed repairs to our trash bins. We may yet have the occasional warmer days to work outside, but most outside work will have to wait for spring. Our primary emphasis has moved inside. I refer you to last month's blog for a more detailed description of the various tasks that the Property Team works on, week in and week out.

Other recent work included the repair of one of the wall lighting fixtures in the Sanctuary. The fixture was taken off the wall, disassembled, an internal part (ballast) replaced, and the unit put back in service. We are also planning to install a switch loop and dimmer function for the recently installed track lights on the right side of the Sanctuary, near the musicians. This change will allow us to turn off and/or dim these bright lights when there is a need while keeping the normal wall lighting units in service.

Our emphasis in December will focus on getting the various seasonal decorations out of storage and installed. In some cases, the Property Team has the lead for this work, and in other cases, we assist other teams to get the job done. As the seasons change, we will also be involved in taking the decorations down and putting them back in storage.

December will also see a seasonal transition in Property Team leadership as Martha and I complete our preparations for our winter trip to Florida for the January to mid-April period.

Dave Mercer, Property Team Leader

November 2018: Things seen and things unseen

When I think about all the things the Property Team does routinely and from time-to-time, it brings to mind a portion of 2 Corinthians. Forgive me if I paraphrase and take some liberties. It says, more or less, don't look at what we can see, but at things we cannot see. You can read the source for more insight, and beyond that, there are many more Biblical citations regarding what is seen and unseen. It is a long reach, I know, but the relationship to property matters comes to mind because I think it is easy to overlook things we regularly do even when the results can be readily seen, and even easier to overlook things we do that cannot be readily seen. All that said, I encourage everyone to be sensitive to what gets done and what it takes to get these things done. We can only speculate on the magnitude of cost savings that results from all our volunteer efforts, but it has to be substantial.

There are so many things that the Property Team does on a regular basis to help keep our building clean, organized, and beautiful. We keep the Sanctuary tidy by picking up papers, debris and various personal item left behind. We clean candle wax from the chairs and the floor. We clean the baptismal font. We water and care for plants inside the building and on the grounds. Our palms continue to bring out new shoots and our Christmas cactus in the alcove at the office entrance is setting up many buds.

We clean the glass doors and wash windows, inside and out. We recently cleaned all the sanctuary windows from the inside and are continuing with inside windows in the rest of the building. Weather permitting, we will do outside window washing after the outside fall property cleanup has been completed.

Periodically we clean refrigerators, kitchen cabinets, drawers, and closets as well.

We typically assist with putting up and taking down Christmas and Easter decorations.

We manage the "Lost and Found" by collecting misplaced items and periodically putting them on display to help get them back to their owners or find them another home.

Apparently, I was one of the last to know that a skylight window in the Sanctuary has been leaking and dropping water on the congregation. Someone pointed out the problem to me on a recent Sunday, and I observed a few drops of clean water drops falling from one of the overhead windows. The quantity was small, a drop or two every 6-10 seconds, but an irritation none-the-less. Since learning of this problem, I am told these overhead windows have leaked before, and sometimes the water drops are discolored and can stain clothing, carpet, or furniture. In the most recent case, I cycled the affected window open and closed a few times and the leak stopped after a few hours. A few days later, no leakage was seen after several hours of heavy rain. We will be keeping an eye on the windows for any additional leakage. If necessary, we will bring in a contractor to inspect, clean, and service the window seal material.

As we get deeper into the fall season, we have been putting away summer things, removing and storing air conditioners, dealing with leaves and other outdoor cleanup. Winter is near and we are getting prepared. We have signed a contract with our snow removal and salting contractor; test started our snow blower, and are deploying our snow shovels, and other winter maintenance items. We should be ready for what is coming.

You may notice some new track lighting just above the windows on the right side of the Sanctuary. Our choir musicians requested this additional lighting. Many thanks to Richard Topping and Jeff Morrison who helped get this lighting installed and wired. It seems that there is always a lighting issue to be resolved. We do our best to address these issues as they arise.

You may have noticed that our wood trash bins beside the barn have been going through some refurbishment. Time and weather have taken a toll on the covers and doors, so we have been working to resolve these problems.

As I said ... seen and unseen. Dave Mercer, Property Team Leader

October 2018: Another snapshot in time

The Property Team has continued "doing its thing", which is to say we have kept on doing what we've been doing. The specific "things" change with the seasons and the situations, but the big picture seems timeless enough. Some of the same tasks always roll around in an informal, but predictable cycle, and new tasks keep coming up. We do our best to take care of them. Our "to do" list seems to grow and grow.

As of Saturday afternoon, October 6, all of the various lights in the Sanctuary were functional again with the exception of one that we are keeping off by choice. A special "thank you" goes out to Mike Cresta who provided and operated the aerial lift to get me up to the high overhead light fixtures that needed attention, and Tracy Barry and Barry Philbrick who also gave up a portion of their Saturday afternoon to move chairs and lug various things around. Of course, there remains a possibility that another bulb will fail before you read this. That is how cycles work!

We try to use volunteer resources where it is reasonable to do so. Another one of our volunteers, Jeff Morrison, will be coming in to modify a dedicated electrical line to make it compatible with the new office copy machine to be installed this month. Some tasks demand outside assistance. This month we will have a vendor in to replace a power supply that serves several emergency lights in the kitchen area. These lights have been out of service for quite some time.

Situations change, and sometimes our plans change as well. Our plans to change one of the kitchen faucets fell on hard times when I was unable to get the old faucet out. The work space is very tight and one of the nuts securing the faucet to the sink proved uncooperative. Since the existing faucet is still functional, we have decided to keep it in service so long as parts are available and it remains serviceable. While working on the sink, we also discovered a problem with one of the drinking water coolers. We will be ordering and replacing a leaking part and resolving a marginal drain for this cooler.

There is always more to tell about Property Team activities. Here are a few more examples. We have recently been involved in coordinating/advising Brian Clement on his successful Eagle Scout project restoring and reorienting our church sign and related improvements. We have been making plans to resolve issues with our old weathered and damaged trash dumpsters.We removed and replaced furniture and other items to support the new carpet installation. We resolved issues with doors for both the ladies’ and men’s’ rooms. We removed many items stored in back classrooms.

The story could go on, but I will wait for another time. Until then, we will be working off items on our "to do" list. Dave Mercer, for the Property Team

September 2018: Watch your step! Where is the sign? When does the tent season end?

You may have heard or even personally experienced an unanticipated consequence of the new carpet installation. Some folks have advised us that they have tripped or stumbled at two locations near the kitchen where the hallways merge with the Gathering Area. Since construction of these areas of our facility, there has been a minor elevation change at these points. We are not sure why this problem has arisen now, but it may be the consequence of the new carpet in the hallway being identical to the new carpet in the Gathering Area which makes any elevation change or transition more difficult to see or anticipate. We have placed some warning signs near these locations and have put "black and yellow" warning tape on the floor at the transition. We will continue to monitor the situation. Please make yourself of aware of these locations and be cautious as you pass through.

Brian Clement advised us of a delay in the schedule to complete the installation of the refurbished sign in front of our building. He now anticipates the sign will be installed the weekend of September 8th.

This is the time of year we start thinking about taking down and storing our tent for the season. Unless a need to keep it up after Sunday, September 9th is brought to our attention, the Property Team will plan on taking it down on Thursday, September 13th, weather permitting.

Faith Formation Team volunteers have been busy this past month painting the back two classrooms in the Education Wing. These efforts are much appreciated and greatly compliment the newly installed carpet in these rooms. We will be continuing to clear these rooms of materials stored there, but not needed in these rooms.

This summer we encountered a few plumbing issues which we have addressed and will continue to address. A faucet in one of the two kitchen sinks failed and was out of service for a few days until we found and installed a repair part. As it turned out, the internal parts are not particularly robust, and the new part also failed after a short period of usage. A second replacement part appears to be hanging in there. We have purchased a new replacement faucet which we will install when a good opportunity arises (a Thursday morning with rain). We also recently found some water in the cabinet under this same location. It appears that this issue is unrelated to the faucet problem, and is likely due to a failed seal where one of the sinks joins the counter top. We have applied some temporary calking material at this location, but the sink needs to be lifted and the entire seal around the sink replaced. This should not be a major, expensive project, but it takes time. We have also recently found a problem with the toilet in the mens room in the Education Wing. The metal ring holding the toilet to the floor had corroded away rendering the hold down bolts ineffective. This is an unusual and difficult installation because of its attachment at a concrete floor. We have completed a repair and the toilet is properly sealed at the floor. An energetic user may still sense some movement of the unit, but it is still sealed. Be gentle, guys! Given that we have other similar installations of similar age in the building, the Property Team is waiting for the next shoe to drop! Oh, joy!

Dave Mercer, Property Team Leader

July 2018: Inspections, Exterminators, and Permits

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, July 12, 2018 @ 2:18 PM

The Property Team has been busy with the normal outside tasks of mowing, trimming, garden care and such, as well as our normal inside routine of cleaning and minor repairs. Since my last report, the contractor for our basement sump pump system and dehumidifier system has been in to inspect and service this equipment. This equipment is working well with no problems noted. Also, I called our exterminator in to apply chemicals for carpenter ant control in selected areas of the Sanctuary after hearing some reports that these potentially problematic visitors had been seen. Please let me or the office know if you see any problems with insects, rodents, etc.

By the time this report is published, work to seal the parking lot and driveways should be in progress. The work has begun on Tuesday and we’re on schedule to complete on time by Friday, concluding with painting of the parking lines. Also, the carpet replacement work in the Gathering Area, Sacristy, first floor hallways, and two first floor classrooms is scheduled to begin on August 7 and be completed in about a week. I have also been working with the Newington Fire Department to obtain a renewal of our permit for the tent. The permit expired on July 1. I anticipate the permit will have been renewed prior to the next planned use for Vacation Bible School. David Mercer, Property Team Leader