Grief Counseling and Funeral Preparation

Grief Counseling

Everyone experiences losses in life. Losses can range from the end of a job to the end of a relationship, to the loss of a loved one or the loss of a pet. Grief is a process—yet no one needs to go it alone.

If you are experiencing a loss, please contact Pastor at 603-436-1704 to arrange an appointment for conversation.

If you find yourself in a more prolonged grief process related to the death of a loved one or friend, you may want to contact Hospice:

  • Seacoast Hospice: Portsmouth 603-778-7391, or Dover 603-740-8500

Funeral Preparation

When a death occurs, Holy Trinity is here for you, to walk alongside you, to honor the loved one, and to support you.

You may download a Funeral Preparation Booklet or contact the Church Office at 603-436-1704 or email for a copy.

If there has been a death, please contact the Church Office as soon as possible so that we may assist you in the planning the funeral and offer you our support.