Reconciling in Christ

hank you to everyone who came and participated in the first of our Forum’s on becoming a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) congregation. We had a great turnout of just over 50 people. Due to the size of the gathering, all future forums will take place in the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings. Thank you to the choir for accommodating these important conversations. During this first meeting, we talked about what a RIC congregation is and heard from people about topics they would like to talk about. We also laid out ground rules for our conversations and how to conduct ourselves when speaking and listening to each other. The Forum was recorded and is now available in our library on either a DVD or a USB drive that you can take home to watch. You can find the DVDs in our library underneath the Prayer Shawls. Our next Sunday morning gathering will be Sept. 22. The topic for that day is “Why is it important to become a RIC congregation?” Also, don’t forget, if you can’t make it on Sunday morning, we are holding additional meetings on the Wednesdays following the Sunday we meet, immediately following our Wednesday evening worship. Therefore, our next Wednesday evening conversation will take place on Sept. 25. We hope you can join us.