Calumet Spring cleanup Weekend May 3-5

Enjoy friendship and fellowship for a weekend at Calumet. For your work on Saturday and some on Sunday, your lodging for two nights and five meals is covered. Families are welcome and there is a job for everyone. In the past we have raked leaves, cleaned dishes, dusted chairs, reorganized the snack shack and helped clean up their trails. The adults help the kids and then we have plenty of free time to get to know each other better. Ages of those attending last year spanned three generations. It is a great way to introduce your kids to Calumet and many have attended that summer. You can also just come up on Saturday. When making the reservation, indicate whether you would like to stay in the Conference Center or the Village Cabins. Please call Calumet directly to reserve your spot 1-603-539-3223 or contact through email to Questions: Leslie Carson at