End 68 Hours of Hunger

End 68 Hours of Hunger will meet on Thursday, January 3. We pack at the First United Methodist Church, 129 Miller Ave. Portsmouth and we meet at 6 PM. This program is designed to provide food for children in need that would sustain them for the weekend when school is not in session. For more info, please contact Kathy McKenna or Lauren Gianino.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Christmas season is the time of year when you ask: what can I give a family member or friend who is experiencing a difficult time? A prayer shawl might be the answer to your question. Not only will it provide warmth but it will be a comfort, knowing that prayers and loving, healing thoughts are in every stitch, a reminder of God's love. Shawls can be found on a shelf in the library. If you have any questions, contact Julie Kath.