Bike & Build

Bike and Build will arrive on Thursday, June 6, and will use our facilities until June 12. During this time, our building will become busier than usual. If you see them, please greet them and introduce yourself. Bike & Build is a non-profit organization where college-aged students from around the United States bike in a summer-long cross-country journey to raise awareness for affordable housing. For more information on their journey, please go to

Pastor Tim’s 10th Anniversary of Ordination

May 31 will be the 10th anniversary of Pastor Tim's ordination. To recognize and celebrate his anniversary, on June 2 between services, we'll have a special coffee hour to offer congratulations. There will be a memory book in the Gathering Area beginning May 19. Please feel free to write a congratulatory message, a thank you or a memory of an activity or something you've shared with Pastor.