My HTELC Account FAQs

Welcome to the Holy Trinity’s My HTELC—a fully secured and personalized picture of your involvement at Holy Trinity!

Once inside My HTELC you will have access to update and manage your personal contact information, upload family pictures, view a full picture directory of our congregation, view membership of all of the small groups and ministries in which you participate, search for a new small group, register for upcoming events, contribute online, and view your contribution records. 

Please note that directory information is restricted to members and attenders of Holy Trinity, and each person has the option to restrict what (if any) information is published in the online directory.  Initially new accounts will have access to all features of My HTELC except the church directory.  Each new account requested will be verified by Holy Trinity's administrative staff before access to the directory is granted.  This verification process may take 48-hours or more.

How do I gain access to My HTELC?

If you are new to My HTELC and need an account simply click the “Need an account?” link (located just below the "Log In" button).  We also recommend that you read the "How to Create a My HTELC Account" page.

Is my information secure?

Yes, all of your personal information is secured with SSL encryption.  You can identify a secure page by noting "https" in the prefix of the website address.

Can I restrict the information that is published in the Directory?

No problem—you have complete control over what information is published in the online directory.

Remember though that only church members and attenders will have access to the directory so we ask that you consider not being too restrictive.  

From the "My Info" tab, you can elect whether or not to be included in the directory.  

  • Choose to make your home address private by selecting the 'lock' icons in the "Communications" section of the page
  • Choose to lock individual parts of your contact information by selecting the 'lock' icons in the "Communications" section of the page
  • Choose your default phone number and email by using the green check marks
  • Select a family member from the drop-down box in the top right corner of the page to view and update other family members

How do I make online contributions?

You can use either the My HTELC Giving page—choose the [Give] link at the top of the home page—or the My HTELC account page—choose [Directory] or from the top-level menu choose "Our Congregation" then "--My HTELC"

Once you are logged in, simply click on the Giving tab to set up one time or recurring giving.  From this screen you can also view all of your historical giving records.  You can print your own contribution statements at any time. 

What about a smart phone app?

Yes, there is an app for that!  From your App Store, search for "Elexio Amp Wave." The app is labeled as "My Church."

Once you install the app, enter the church's website when prompted  (

Use you’re my HTELC email address and password to login on the app.

The app will give you access to the church directory where you can call, text or email members directly. You will also see shortcuts to contact the church, and you can even donate to the church directly from your phone!

I still have questions—who do I contact for help?

No problem—we are here to help you get familiar with our new system and (more importantly) to help you find a new way to get involved with your Holy Trinity family!  

Please feel free to contact the church office at 603-436-1704 for help with updating your records and learning the new system.