My HTELC—Holy Trinity's Secured Area

We are pleased to announce the arrival of My HTELC. With a My HTELC account you can:

  • Edit your family’s contact information in our database
  • Access our church directory
  • Look for small groups to join (coming later)
  • View your participation in ministry teams
  • View and register for events
  • Review your giving history
  • Create and manage an electronic giving account

New or Just Visiting?

If you are new to Holy Trinity or are just visiting and wish to make a donation, choose [GIVE] at the top of the home page, then choose

(or simply choose the link above).

When on the Guest and Visitor Giving page, just fill out the appropriate fields on the form and make your gift. Thank you!

What My HTELC Looks Like on The Inside

The paragraph numbers below relate to the numbered circles in the image to the left.

1) 'My Info'—View and edit your personal and household information; addresses, contact info and so on. You can also add both individual and family photos and we encourage you to do so.

2) Clicking the 'Select a Family Member' dropdown provides access to the personal information of other members of your household. Changes you make to personal or family information on the My Info tab is automatically saved in our database.

3) 'Church Directory'—View basic contact information for other members and attenders. Note: For security reasons, you will not have access to the directory until your account has been confirmed by the Church Office. Only members and attenders of Holy Trinity will be given access to the directory. Approval of your access can take 48-hours or more.

4) 'My Groups'—Search for small groups to join or see those you participate in already (coming later).

5) 'Ministries'—Ministry teams your family members participate in. This is a wide ranging list of ministries like Adult Fellowship, Counters, Worship Assistants, Sunday School Staff and much more. We are just now implementing this feature so only a few teams have been populated thus far (e.g., Worship Assistants).

6) 'Events'—A list view of upcoming calendar events in chronological order. When an event requires registration, for example a men's or women's weekend at Calumet, Pulse users can register for the event from this screen with one-click of a button.

7) 'Giving'—Here you can view and even print your family's giving history. We encourage all members and attenders alike to give electronically and you can set that up from this Giving screen. Electronic giving is simple and convenient and it lessens the workload for weekly counters and our financial secretary.