Holy Trinity's Leaders

Our Interim Pastor: The Reverend Dr. George J. Koch

The Rev Dr George J Koch of Hampton Falls will provide Holy Trinity's spiritual leadership through December, 2016, or until the new regularly called pastor can take office.

Dr Koch (pronounced "coke") has agreed to preach three services per week as needed and to provide pastoral care, 8 office hours, and a bible study for each week.

As you can see from his resume (click here), he is an experienced parish pastor as well as an experienced interim pastor with college ministry experience.


Our Associate Transitional Pastor: The Reverend Grace P. Burson

The Reverend Grace P. Burson from the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire is serving as the Associate Transition Pastor (ATP) to assist Pastor George Koch (our Senior Intentional Interim Pastor) during Holy Trinity's interim period.




Our Office Coordinator: Mark Donahue

Mark Donahue is a native New Hampshire resident, born and raised in Dover, NH.  He received a BA in Communications from Keene State College in 2010.  Mark is an avid reader, golfer, beach-lover, and cheeseburger enthusiast.  During the summer, Mark enjoys spending an occasional weekend at his family’s cabin by the lake, kayaking or relaxing in the hammock with a good book.


Our Church Council Members

President: Martha Belanger (first elected January 2014)

Vice President: David Smith (January 2016)

Treasurer: Dan Scammon (January 2014)

Secretary: Scott Carson (July 2015; filling out term)

Council at Large: Erik Johnson (January 2016), Joan Bauer (January 2017), & Ronald Indorf (January 2017)

Past President: Rob Leatherbee