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A monthly blog by Rev. Dr George J. Koch, Holy Trinity’s Intentional Interim Pastor during our time of transition.  Pastor Koch will provide spiritual leadership for Holy Trinity until the new regularly called Pastor takes office.  In his weekly blog, Pastor Koch will discuss his thoughts on the Church Year and upcoming events at Holy Trinity.

The Season of "A-ha!"

Posted by Mark Edwards on Sunday, December 27, 2015 @ 11:21 AM

A Post by Pastor George from the January Tidings

In cartoons, its the light bulb going off in the head.  For Archimedes, it is shouting “Eureka” (“I have found it”) while in the bathtub, while others think you've lost it:

The Season of Epiphany  is a season of revelation and discovery (“epiphany” means to uncover or to reveal). In the six short Sundays of Epiphany this year we will see many people discover who Jesus is, and, just as importantly, who he is not. In listening to these Gospel Accounts of people discovering Jesus, we also make a discovery ourselves, an “A-ha” moment, if you will. Join us as we make six discoveries during Epiphany:    

  1. Jan 3 & 6 - We celebrate the Day of the Epiphany, where Jesus is revealed to the Magi (wise men), who also happen to be Gentiles (that is,”non-believers”). How does the “good news” of Jesus reach today's non-believers?   
  2. Jan 10 & 13 The Baptism of our Lord – In John's baptism of Jesus we get a clue as to whom Jesus is.. We will remember our own baptism as part of the service, and ask how our baptism gives us a clue as to who (and whose) we are.   
  3. Jan 17 & 20 The Wedding at Cana. Water turns into wine and a wedding disaster is avoided. Sermon theme: “What the servants knew" (being a servant of Jesus changes how you see life).   
  4. Jan 24 & 27. “A Prophesy is Fulfilled” In Jesus' hometown, Isaiah's prophesy is revealed in Jesus.  
  5. Jan 31 & Feb 3, “A Prophet is without Honor in his own Country."  The novelist Thomas Wolfe wrote “you can't go back anymore.” How do people who know us, see us? Can that change?  
  6. February 7 - Sunday of the Transfiguration  (Sunday only) – The disciples get an awe-inspiring glimpse of who Jesus really is. Is it possible for us to catch that glimpse also?  


Epiphany Blessings,  

Pastor George Koch

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