The Passing Parson

A monthly blog by Rev. Dr George J. Koch, Holy Trinity’s Intentional Interim Pastor during our time of transition.  Pastor Koch will provide spiritual leadership for Holy Trinity until the new regularly called Pastor takes office.  In his weekly blog, Pastor Koch will discuss his thoughts on the Church Year and upcoming events at Holy Trinity.

Fire Safety at Holy Trinity

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, May 4, 2017 @ 2:35 PM

Dear Members and Attenders of Holy Trinity and Immanuel Indonesian Lutheran Churches:

As your pastor I wanted to give you a short update to our April 19th letter sent out after the small fire at church on Easter Day.

We all want Holy Trinity to be both a welcoming place and a safe place for all our members, young and old.

We have heard from many of you, however, that in trying to address issues of fire and child safety (raised by the Newington Fire Department among others), we may have adopted a tone and approach that were off-putting.That was not our intention and we sincerely apologize.

We are now in the midst of a major review of safety procedures which we hope to have to you fairly soon after our Council meeting on May 9th. Thank you for the constructive suggestions many of you have offered, especially in the impromptu meeting after church services on April 23rd!

Until we have finished this larger review and developed a more nuanced and flexible safety policy than that in the initial email, we simply ask that everyone follow common sense and remain mindful of safety considerations, especially regarding young children.


George Koch 

Senior Intentional Interim Pastor

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