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Our Social Ministry Team's mission is to make a difference for our neighbors by responding to their needs as Christians. We invite any new or current members and friends to join our activities and suggest new ones. Our team supports local outreach, such as Dover Friendly Kitchen, End 68 Hours of Hunger, Operation Blessing, and many more.

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Our mission of giving in Guatemala!

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, July 20, 2017 @ 1:18 PM

Seven Members of Holy Trinity are preparing to travel on a mission trip to Fundaniños Orphanage in San Jose Piñula, Guatemala on Sunday, August 6 - 13.  The seven members include; Kay Drought with her two sons, Daniel and Jonah, Tory and Alex Liebel, Juanita Sihotang, and Cristina Dolcino.  Our service work project is still needed to be identified at the writing of this message, but we know we’ll be playing with the 50 children who live, learn, pray, and grow at Fundaniños!  We will be staying in the volunteer house, eating meals with the children, leading special activities with the children, and helping with their Christian Education lesson on Sunday afternoon.  

In addition to our big project work at Fundaniños, we will also be organizing two outreach projects.  One involves the visiting of Casa del Destino, an orphanage of 11 children who are 4-11 years old.  We will bring with us playground balls, bubbles, chalk, jump ropes, etc. so we can play and leave donations for these children who could benefit from visitors and new toys.  Our other special project will involve purchasing and "bagging up" rice, dried beans, and sugar with the older children at Fundaniños.  We will then take these bags and walk to the neighbors just outside the orphanage to offer these staples to the 12-15 families who work and live in primitive conditions.  

Later in the week we will also take a half day trip to the town of Antigua where “old” Spanish-Baroque influenced architecture can be seen.  We will walk around this small town and visit churches like, the Church of San Francisco and Cathedral de Santiago, practice Spanish while ordering lunch and buying gifts, and see the comings and goings of the Guatemalan people who live there.    

There will be plenty of time to play with the children outdoors and inside the dining hall space.  Of course, soccer is an ongoing game that is played daily along with swinging, throwing ball games, jump rope, and hopscotch.  Many children love to do crafts, board games, color, face painting, and polishing nails.  For quieter times, there are books written in Spanish and English that can be read to the children.   And just when you are ready to relax there is always help needed to help get the younger children ready for bed! 

Our week in Guatemala is bound to be busy, surprising, tiring, sad, fun, and emotional- just to mention of few adjectives!  As in all endeavors of God’s work, individuals give much of yourself - time, energy, and love.  But what also happens is the realization that you RECEIVE so much more in “gifts.”  Simple gifts like the precious smiles of joy, little hands reaching up asking for help, "high fives" in being able to teach something, wiping away tears after a misunderstanding, or hearing committed voices while saying grace before eating together.  Our nightly share of “bummers and blessings” will be the avenue we use to discuss our observations, learn about another culture/country, reflect upon bible verses, and reflect upon the numerous experiences that happen when away from home. 

Your prayers and support will be felt and very much appreciated while we are in Guatemala using our hands to share God’s love.  Thank you also for the budgeted $500 dollars approved by the Church Council as well as the monetary donations given for school supplies, big service work materials, and outreach projects.  We will be posting daily messages about our week, the method of which has yet to be determined. 

We return late on Sunday, August 13th. In early fall we will share our mission trip experiences with all of you!

This is the link to the Fundaniños site.

This link shows pictures the children we will be serving!

This is a 4 minute video (in English) about Fundaniños.


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