Property Team

Every Thursday morning, the Property Team works for 2-3 hours around the grounds of Holy Trinity to spruce it up before our Sunday worship services.  Their usual tasks include  minor building repairs, mowing the grass, indoor cleaning, setting up heavy equipment, and painting.  After finishing the tasks for the day, they meet for 30 minutes for coffee, snacks, and fellowship.  If you are interesting in joining or helping out, contact

Our current Property Team leader is David Mercer. 

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September 2017: Fire Safety & Tree Cutting

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, September 7, 2017 @ 11:19 AM

What a summer season it has been! We have seen hot, cold, wet, dry and whatever. Surely, we cannot complain, particularly in view of the the extreme weather challenges being endured by the folks in Texas, Louisiana and elsewhere. We have been fortunate here in Newington. The lawn, bushes, plantings and such have suffered a bit from the hot and dry periods, but things seem to be recovering. Overall, the property has fared well with the help of our volunteers. Most of us are unaware of the ongoing work to maintain the property, inside and out, and the many hours of volunteer work to make it happen.

As you pass by the office side of the building, you may notice the tree adjacent to the Sanctuary has been cut back significantly to resolve a problem with large branches overhanging the roof and hanging low over the bushes and sidewalk.

Over the past month or so, the Property Team has been working to resolve some fire protection issues of concern to the Newington Fire Department who noted some problems with the drywall and the door closer for the boiler room. Progress is being made to resolve these issues. The door closer has been repaired and returned to service. Drywall repairs are in progress in the boiler room, and new drywall is being installed on the back wall of the "garage".

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