News from our Sister Congregation in Isimani, Tanzania

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Isimani News Sep 13, 2016

Posted by Kurt Kasik on Sunday, September 18, 2016 @ 6:46 PM

Hello!!!! I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, on behalf of Isimani parish and whole community, I present a lot of greetings filled with love and God bless, I’m very happy that can not be expressed in words and I wonder on what great things God has doing to us Isimani, by full fill our long time dream to have electricity in our church compound, it has become unforgettable history to us on what you holy trinity did to us.

As I told you that we keep on praying every day as we believe that we don’t have anything to pay you back rather than ask God to bless you abundantly by adding his Grace and Mercy to where you took let all your place be filled by himself.

7/9/2016 this is the historical day at Isimani community when we receive the electrical power in our church and 11th 09/2016 we had a special service which consist all Isimani congregation from all six preaching point the service was conducted by Deputy Bishop with the support from senior pastors Livingstone Msungu and various pastors attended the service and on this service we had three great things to do as follows.

(a)    To give thanks to our mighty Lord on what great thing he has done to us by enable us to get electrical power

(b)   Special prayers for our dearly friends from Holly Trinity that God can keep them safe and bless them

(c)    Prayers for parish plans include classroom construction and church construction at N’yangoro preaching points and until now the constructions of classroom were proceed at the area.

(d)   We also had special prayers for the upcoming event to be held on 22nd October 2016 that will be pastors wedding, and on behalf of diocese I like to present a lot of greetings and thanks to what you have been on doing to Isimani parish we will keep on thanks God for you and praying God for you.

I and my family including Sporah Ngaoh (my wife to be) we keep on thank you for your prayers and your contributions in my up coming wedding May God bless you abundantly.

The following is the information presented by the parish to the deputy Bishop



Praise the Lord!!!!

I sincerely like to take this opportunity to present my hurtful thanks to all of you by accepting our invitation to join us in this special service of giving Thanks to God for what great thing he has been doing to us and one of them is to get electric power in the head office of Isimani Parish (Kihorogota) and the following is the short history of procedures we pass through to get what we cerebrate today, electrical power.

The idea of having electricity power in our area started before by the Pastors Elizabeth N’gunga who was the sinnear pastors by that time 2014, through by the time we faced various challenge include the distance where electrical poles ended, Lack of funds to facilitate the project, also lack of professionals who can assist as and some church leadership challenges.

Together with this challenges church leader and relationship committee decide to start again the procedures of getting electrical power by stating prayers and involve the head of Sinnode office, government offices, and ward offices, but unfortunately our efforts do not bear fruits. As we believe in God nothing is impossible.

We thanks God by brought to us our dearly senior Pastor Livingstone Msungu he has become a blessing to us, His arrival awake again the morale of having electricity power in our church areas, We start again by fasting prayers which involve the head office of Diocese, Bega kwa Bega office under pastor Lusungu Msigwa, Prof Lugalla, Our friends in holy Trinity church of America and other Government offices.

Finally God supports our efforts and he never abandon us, by the time he accept and he provide the wishes of our heart, God enable us to get fund from our friends and partners Holly Trinity Church they financing us USD 5500 and this fund were used as follows 4301 USD (9,463,200 Tsh) Deposited to TANESCO account as the total Charges for electricity supply from where it ended to our church.

 1023 USD (2,251,800 Tsh) Deposited to Parish account for the wiring equipment purchases for four building which are Church building with three offices, Pastors house, Tailoring classes and Parish toilet, Also we used that money to pay an Electricity technician and transport cost. Truly the great support awake more and more conscious of getting electricity power and through that fund we were able to pay the cost of electric poles from where they ended to our church areas.

It took only three weeks to have electric power in our church from the day we receive the support fund and in 7th Sept 2016 will be unforgettable day in our parish and in our community because God wipe away our tears and hear our long cries and our prayers by erase the darkness in our area and switch on the electrical light. And we real give thanks to him.

We sincerely like to present our hurtfully thanks to the following who went with us hand in hand to assure that we succeed and these are.

(i)                 Our Dear friends of holy trinity parish who support us to that extent that we were able to get electricity for the cost of USD 5500 and may God bless them.

(ii)               We also thanks Prof. Lugalla by become a great assistance and builder of our relationship we know that we had become a burden to him but he carry us with all his heart, he never tires of us we appreciate his presence and acknowledge him. May God bless him.

(iii)             We thanks the Bega kwa Bega office under Pastor Lusungu Msigwa for the great love they show to us they never put us aside they become a great align we Thanks them much more and May God bless him.

(iv)             We also like to thanks the government office by supporting us the put much of their efforts to make sure we get electricity.

(v)               Finally we like to Thanks our dearly senior Pastor Livingstone Msungu for his efforts, he sometime risk his life to make sure we succeed he work day and night at a very dangerous areas some days he couldn’t sleep and travel in the mid night by using motorcycle to make sure we complete this task we are very great full to him and we are praying for him daily and our God bless him, We can’t also forget Pastor Lebson Makombe (assistance pastor) who work hand in hand with pastor Livingstone Msungu to succeed this great task.

Always we keep on praying that God himself may strength this relation and bless all of those who participate in this task

Thank you very much for lessening me

This short history prepared by Relation committee  

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