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Pastor Grace's Goodbye Article

Posted by Mark Donahue on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 @ 1:47 PM

Beloved friends,

This is not a Tidings column that I want to write!  It is so hard to think about leaving Holy Trinity after two wonderful years.  But it’s time for me (and Peter) to say goodbye, with enormous thanks for all that you have given us during this time.

I have considerably more to say that I want to impart first in person on Sunday, and I hope many will come and listen.  For this column, I just want to convey some important information and ask for your prayers. 

I’m still job hunting, and while I have some good leads, nothing has definitely panned out yet.  Prayers for the Spirit to send me in the right direction are much appreciated!  And of course if anyone knows someone who’s having a baby and needs a doula (before, during or after birth) send them my way!  I’m also happy to lead retreats and workshops for your friends at other churches, though I can’t return to Holy Trinity in any pastoral capacity of that kind for at least a year.

Work and the job search will be put on hold for a while, though, immediately after my departure, because on January 9 I’ll be having surgery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon.  Many of you have noticed how uncomfortable I get lately when I have to sit still for any length of time, due to the herniated disc in my neck; that will be removed and two vertebrae fused to hopefully give me lasting relief and get me off the powerful nerve medications that I’ve been on to deal with the pain.  Again, your prayers are very welcome!

Finally, a word about communication following my departure.  Again, as of January 8 I will no longer be your pastor, and thus must avoid being in touch about anything having to do with church in more than the vaguest generalities.  That said, I would be most happy to stay in touch on a personal basis with anyone who would like to friend me on Facebook or write to my personal email address.  (Editor's note: to prevent Grace from getting spam email, please email the church office if you would like Grace's personal email address)

I hope to see everyone on Sunday!  And stay warm!



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