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A monthly blog, written by Holy Trinity's Library team.  Holy Trinity has hundreds of books on various Christian education subjects, such as Faith Formation, Bible Study, Biography, Prayer, and World Religions.  All books are free for members and attenders to check out for two-three weeks.  

Our 2017 Library Team leaders are Dorothy Kasik and Judy Evans.  

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January 2018: Thank yous

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, January 18, 2018 @ 2:09 PM

The theme for this month 's article is thanks. Thank you to all who kept  the BGlibrary going during my two-plus month absence. 

The first individual thank you goes to Barbara Galle who sorted, shelved, filed, and created Christmas displays for our "spinner." Other folks from the Team quietly filed check-out cards and shelved returns. Thanks to the whole Team.

Did you see our new bulletin board? Special thanks goes to Dave Mercer for that. I told Dave the space where I wanted it, and he insisted on installing something of quality and good looks. Did I know that the cheap cork boards I'd proposed wouldn't even have worked on that wall? Nope. In addition, he's improved the lighting for us, making book selection so much easier.

More thank you’s to Pam Shaw, Linda Edwards, and Judy Evans for giving the Library a planning meeting over morning coffee at the White Heron. A great deal of work goes on behind the scenes in order to keep things running: computer filing and record keeping, sorting "weeds," putting the collection on the HT website, and brainstorming. They do it all. 

Finally, thank you to each of the invisible people who magically make it happen, unfailingly, week after week. This group of elves likes to maintain privacy, but I know they're around because I see the results of their work. They file cards, shelve returns, and tidy things up. Like elves everywhere, they were especially active during the holiday season. If you happen to catch one out on a Sunday morning, thank them for me.

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