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At Holy Trinity, we recognize that one of the best gifts God has given us is each other. We believe we were made to love and support each other and to learn together. Because of this, the foundation of our congregation's learning is inter-generational. Our Faith Formation Team helps plan events and programs for all ages to Grow Together in Faith.

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August 2017: Recruiting Teachers for our new program year

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, August 17, 2017 @ 10:21 AM

As we prepare for the kickoff of the “program year”, the Faith Formation Team is working on recruiting teachers for our children’s, youth and adult programs in Fall 2017.  A comprehensive sign-up sheet is posted in the gathering area, including job descriptions for teachers.  If you are contacted as someone we are inviting to teach, please give the idea your prayerful consideration.  If you are feeling called to teach, please get in touch with a member of the Faith Formation Team!

Here is the job description for a Lead Teacher:

Commit to either teaching, or finding a substitute, every Sunday that classes are offered for the semester.  Check website for materials; download the appropriate materials for your age group; and make sure enough copies are made.  Plan and prepare the lesson; or, delegate the planning and preparation to your assistant teacher by mutual agreement.  Check with teachers of other age groups to determine who will lead Opening.  Arrive at church no later than 9:15 on Sunday, and stay until the beginning of the 11:00 service.  Remain in your classroom after Opening for the duration of the lesson.

However, when I attended a workshop in Maine on Monday for Faith Formation professionals, I realized that there is a lot missing from that description.  It is an excellent rundown of the teacher’s practical responsibilities, but it misses the actual point of the whole exercise.  My colleagues at the workshop rebuked and taught me by example.

Here is a list of qualities that leaders mentioned during a brainstorm on what to look for when recruiting teachers to work with children:

  •          Investment in the life of the congregation
  •          People who want to be there and want to learn
  •          People who want to connect with kids and families and learn about their lives
  •          Faithfulness in relationship
  •          Modeling authenticity and vulnerability
  •          Flexibility and creativity
  •          Passion for faith

And here is the list of “What our Parish Offers You” for prospective teachers at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Windham, ME (hint:  Holy Trinity offers all these things too):

  •          An opportunity to serve children and families
  •          A director who will support and guide you as necessary
  •          A proven formation curriculum
  •          A well-stocked supply closet
  •          The prayerful support of clergy and lay leaders
  •          Opportunities for friendship, problem solving as a team, and a deeper faith journey

Does any of this sound like a description of you – or the person you’d like to be – or something you’d like to be involved in?  If so, God just might be calling you to the ministry of faith formation, and we would be overjoyed to welcome you into the joy of this work!

In God’s peace,


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