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At Holy Trinity, we recognize that one of the best gifts God has given us is each other. We believe we were made to love and support each other and to learn together. Because of this, the foundation of our congregation's learning is inter-generational. Our Faith Formation Team helps plan events and programs for all ages to Grow Together in Faith.

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The Faith Formation Journey: Part 2

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, May 4, 2017 @ 3:14 PM

Last week I shared John Roberto’s Faith Formation Plan (Version 1.0) for Sunday mornings.  Thank you to those who provided feedback either electronically or in person. We will add your ideas to our discussion points when we meet with John again on May 12/13th.  If you did not get a chance to review the first Faith Formation Journey post, it is on the website.

As part of our meeting with John in February, one topic of conversation focused on areas where we could expand our faith formation opportunities.  One that was identified was Wednesday night.  Are there ways we can add to what is already established on Wednesday night to provide additional ways for people to gather to grow in faith?  The goal is to expand the opportunities without taking away from the Wednesday night service that is enjoyed by a core group of people.

One of the goals of Wednesday nights would be to support those whose Sundays are now filled with other events.  The times of a commitment free Sunday mornings are long gone (How many remember the Blue Laws?  Many times I wish they were still around to remind us to relax on Day 7.)  The proposal would create opportunities, outside of Sundays, for people to gather in worship, learning and fellowship.  This article discusses the possible rewards and the challenges with expanding Wednesday night faith formation.

The second goal of Wednesday night is to create more missional expression events.  John Roberto describes one aspect of missional faith formations as opportunities for people who are currently on the outside looking in at religion.  These people might be spiritual, but not religious, or unaffiliated with a specific denominations and are looking for faith formation opportunities that are less structured than Sunday mornings.  (Note:  A second aspect of missional faith formation, not included in his proposal, is finding ways to take our faith formation programs outside of our walls and into the community.  Meeting people with they live.  The scary idea of evangelism.)

The following is what John Roberto is proposing for Wednesday nights in Version 1.0.

o   View Wednesdays at Holy Trinity as a missional expression:

  • Seek to reach people in the wider community (of all Christian faiths) who do not or cannot attend Sunday worship
  • Seek to reach people who are uninvolved or unaffiliated with any church
  • Provide a pathway for people to experience Christianity (again) and consider growing deeper in faith and discipleship

o   Expand Wednesdays at Holy Trinity to include worship and a shared meal experience by beginning with a meal at time TBD and then moving to worship or beginning with worship at time TBD and then moving to a meal. The whole experience would be over by 7:30 pm.

o   Promote this experience to families with children who do not attend Sundays regularly, high school youth, college students and young adults in the area, and more.

o   Develop pathways for the people who participate in Wednesdays at Holy Trinity such as offering the basic faith formation classes for those interested in exploring the Christian faith.

On May 12 and 13 we meet with John to provide feedback on his Version 1.0 proposal and to develop Version 2.0.  If you’re interested in joining us for these sessions, please let us know.  We would love to have you share your ideas.  Prior to that meeting, we are asking the HTELC community to review his proposal and to provide us feedback we can use to make informed decisions in developing Version 2.0. 

  • What do you like about the proposal? 
  • What do you feel needs to be revised?
  • What are we missing?
  • Questions

You can post your comments here or email them to Scott Carson ( or Pastor Grace (

Even better than those options, on Sunday, May 7, swing by the Faith Formation Team table in the Gathering Area and share your ideas in person.

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