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Between coordinating ministry tasks, writing the Sunday bulletins and weekly newsletters, and taking calls and emails, the Church Office will help you stay up to date with everything happening at Holy Trinity.

Holy Trinity's current Office Coordinator is Mark Donahue

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Simple, but Clever

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, April 13, 2017 @ 3:52 PM

“The simple believe everything, but the clever consider their steps.” Proverbs 14:15

One of my weekly duties in the office is tasked with making sure we have worship assistants scheduled for the Sunday worship service.  Some of these assistants are Lectors, Liturgical Deacons, Sound System operators, Acolytes, and Chalice Bearers.  On a weekly basis, I make sure everyone in these positions receive an advanced notice by email that they are scheduled to serve, as well as finding replacements in case someone is unable to attend service that day.  Doing all of this is a piece of cake, but the hardest part of the Worship Assistant Schedule is deciding who should work on specific Sundays.  It’s not my job to do that part.  Dave Reinhard has been graciously organizing the initial schedule for years, but for him, it’s very time consuming.

At the end of February, I discovered a new website called “Sign-Up Genius”, thanks to Scott Carson.  This website consists of a user-created survey to help you sign-up for events created by the event leader.  When the link is sent out to a group, a user can simply check the box of the position they want to serve on any specific Sunday, and simply press submit.  Over the last month, I created a free account and played around with the website, creating a Worship Assistant sign-up sheet for June, July, and August.

I’m confident to say that this will make scheduling easier for the entire congregation.  I cannot guarantee that you will be picked for that day, since we don’t want the same person to be the Lecter every week, for instance.  This new website will be a test to see if this does make my job and Dave’s job easier.  If we find there are unforeseen problems with doing our Worship Scheduling this way, then we will stop using “Sign-Up Genius” and go back to the old way of scheduling.  My main goal is the same as always: to make sure everyone gets a turn on the schedule at least once or twice.

I will be emailing out a link to the congregation after Easter.  Beginning in May, I will work on my normal routine with Dave on setting up the Worship Schedule.

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