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CaringConnections, a ministry team at Holy Trinity, strives to provide assistance to our fellow members, friends, and family members. When a helping hand is sought, we hope to be there to share God’s blessings with you in the following areas: giving home communion; driving someone to church on occasion; praying, communicating, and visiting those who are ill, in distress, or unable to come to church; offering meals and handmade shawls to those in need; and providing funeral support. In addition, and importantly, CaringConnections sends “care packages” once a year to our students in higher education; we offer a monthly blood pressure clinic in between services and, on occasion, training for using the church defibrillator. For further information, contact or call 603 436-1704.

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May 2017

Posted by Mark Donahue on Thursday, May 25, 2017 @ 2:31 PM

CaringConnections seeks to provide services to YOU our fellow members of Holy Trinity.  Contact if you or a family member is in need of a drive to/from church service, prayers, home communion, meals and shawls, special mail greetings and visitations.  We provide a monthly blood pressure clinic at church and funeral support throughout the year.

Our Visitation Ministry is happy to announce that Donna Elliott is a new volunteer who purchases and wraps our gifts each month.  She is doing a wonderful job!  She fills decorated bags with tissues, snacks and special gifts.  These gifts are picked up on the first Sunday of each month by our “visitors” and brought to the home of someone who welcomes the Holy Trinity visitor as well as the gift.  We are grateful for Donna's help and she is enjoying being a part of this ministry.

Mail Communications continues its mission of sending greetings for illness and special occasions.  Like others at Holy Trinity we have recently remembered Judy Hollister and Leah Waldschlagel.  The funeral of Evie Wingo was supported by our Funeral ministry.

For further information, contact or call 603-436-1704.

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